WWS Bocage 28mm Small Battle Pack


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28mm Normandy Bocage Small Battle Pack 

Key Features 

  • Kit allows you to create your own effect 
  • Foliage included
  • Requires painting


Kit contains two short straights, two corners, bag of dark green foliage, mixed flowers foliage, red berry foliage. and light green foliage. All you need to make your own Bocage.

  • Straights Sections 80mm long 30mm wide 25mm high. (You can build the height up with the foliage, the ones in the photo are 45mm high)
  • Corner Sections 90mm x 90mm outside edge 60mm x 60mm inside edge 30mm wide 30mm high (without foliage)

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In Normandy, the bocage acquired a particular significance in the Chouannerie and during the Battle of Normandy, as it made progress against the German defenders difficult. In response, the Rhino tank was developed; a modification added to the front of tanks to aid them cut a hole through the bocage. American personnel usually referred to bocage as hedgerows. The German army also used sunken lanes to implement strong points and defenses to stop the American troops on the Cotentin peninsula and around the town of Saint-Lô.

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