Picket Fence with Gates and Pillars by WWG


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Key Features

Picket Fence Gates and Pillars by WWG
Intricately Detailed 2mm MDF Kit from the WWS Design Studio
Perfect for Warhammer, Bolt Action, FoW, Age of Sigmar and almost all 28mm Scale Wargames
Easy to Construct with Step by Step Instructions
Take your Terrain to the next level

Product Desciption

Our Award Winning Creative Department have released their latest design, the Picket Fence with gates and pillars which can be set up in a variety of ways and used as barriers and cover for wargaming and as defensive scenery for dioramas.

Accurately Laser Cut from 2mm MDF with easy to construct instructions, this intricate design will seamlessly integrate into any Battle Board or Terrain and is guaranteed to enhance any Table Top gaming environment or diorama scene. This set can be easily constructed using either WWS MDF Glue or regulation Super Glue.

Set contains: 8 panels – 140 x 37 mm 2 panels with gate – 140 x 37 mm 10 pillars – 18 x 18 x 52

Additional information

Weight 248 kg
Dimensions 18 x 20 x 37 cm