Static Grass Layering Spray Adhesive 500ml

Static Grass Layering Spray Adhesive 500ml


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  • Water Based Glue
  • Easy to spray pump
  • Spray directly onto Base grass
  • Spray directly onto base grass and build up.
  • Layers can be built up in minutes.

Static Grass Layering Spray Adhesive the quick and easy way to build up your grass from base grass to a wild meadow / field in a matter of minutes. This has a water soluble fine spray pump head for an even dispersement of the glue over the selected area. Embankments, trackside, mountainside all realistically created using the Spray Adhesive. WWS Layering Spray Adhesive 500ml. The easy way to build up the layers of your static grass. All it takes is a few minutes using our applicator and a can of our Layering Spray Adhesive. Step 1 – Glue area to be covered with our Static Grass Basing Glue. Step 2 – Applicate 2mm Grass as your Base Grass. Step 3 – Use the Layering Spray and spray over the 2mm grass and apply either 4 or 6mm grass on top. Step 4 – Spray again and add another shade or length if your wish. No need to wait hours for the glue to dry.

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